What is on offer at Intadance

Established dance studio since 1983 running in Kineton, Warwickshire. Classes are offered following IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association), DDMIX (Diverse Dance Mix) and Acrobatic Arts. Here at Intadance our mission is to provide top quality, well structured classes, delivered by our friendly and professional team. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and inspiring environment. Our class numbers are small allowing for an advantageous student to teacher ratio enabling students to progress and receive top quality teaching.

 In our classes you will learn and develop dance disciplines, balance, correct posture, rhythm  and musicality as well as expression, co-ordination and flexibility.  Choose from our many different classes throughout the week.


Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Providing the dancer with technique, energy and grace to perform all other styles of dance. Ballet is timetabled through weekly classes offering accredited examinations for students.


Tap classes help with concentration, stamina and rhythm enabling students to recognise the beats within music and learn about time signatures and the dynamics with the sounds they make. Tap is also very good for co-ordination and musicality.


The aim of DDMIX is to get people moving without being intimidated by ‘dance’ or the technicality of the steps. A full body workout that is such fun that you don’t even notice that you are exercising.

Private Lessons

Is there is a particular area of your dancing you are looking to work on or would like 1 to 1 tuition with? Our teachers have a thorough knowledge of several areas of dance and can offer classes from 30mins-2 hour sessions. Assistance with that audition piece? Teaching qualification? Quick progression through graded work or just after a 1 to 1 class. Let us know your requirements.

Chair Based Exercise

This low impact class is perfect for those wanting to have a safe dance based workout with the support of a chair if required. The Benefits of Chair Based Exercise include improved balance, core strength, co-ordination and flexibility along with an improved range of movement. It is a fun and gentle class with music and routines to dance away to.

Level 4 Teaching Diploma

As a Dance Teacher it is important to hold the correct qualifications. Here at Intadance we are able to offer a distance learning course so you are able to learn at your own pace. Upon successful completion of the course and required exams with the IDTA you will be invited to become a member and be able to enter your own pupils for exams.


Commercial dance is a fusion of other dance disciplines such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop. A combination of self expression, energy and performance. Commercial is the kind of dancing you tend see when artists perform live, in music videos, on TV, film. Commercial dance is a super fun style of dance to learn, very upbeat and entertaining. These classes are a great way of keeping fit and boosting self confidence whilst having fun.

Ballroom Basics

If you are an absolute beginner to ballroom dancing and are a little worried about taking those first steps, these are the classes for you. Inspired by the steps on Strictly come along and learn the basics of ballroom. Covering the cha cha, waltz, quickstep, jive we will work through the basics of social ballroom steps in a fun and friendly environment.

Musical Theatre

This all encompassing class combines dance, drama and song. Amongst its many attributes it has the ability to help develop diction, deportment, and self confidence in a fun and nurturing environment. Musical theatre can stand students in good stead not just for a performance based career but in all walks of life.

Intadance Starlets

Perfect for your budding performer. This class combines many dance disciplines including ballet, tap and jazz. Dancers will develop the knowledge and passion for dance in this fun and diverse class.

Intadance Stars

Intadance Stars is aimed at the performer that would like to cover lots of disciplines within one class. Work will be completed in ballet, tap and jazz. This class works on the development of performance and technique across dance.

Acrobatic Arts

Acro is a fusion of dance and gymnastics all performed on a studio floor. The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

Pointe Class

A part of the classical ballet technique. Dancers need to a have a strong foundation of ballet knowledge and skill. This class focusses on those about to embark on pointe and those new to pointe, Strengthening the feet and ankles and working in those new shoes.

Adult Ballet

Whether you used to dance or are embarking on a new hobby, Ballet is the perfect class to take. Ballet isn’t just for the kids. Ballet allows you to improve strength, coordination, posture and overall fitness. Following the standard class structure we will work at the barre, centre, adage and allegro sections.

Adult Tap

Whether a beginner or more advanced dancer we have the class for you. We offer a friendly and professional class covering the basics to more complex sequences. Tap dancing is a rhythmical and enjoyable form of dance which will improve fitness, core strength and body tone.

Professional, knowledgable and engaging teachers”

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